Friday, March 16, 2007


This blog is about my poetry. Bill O'Connor


scottrichman9 said...

Bill - send me the qt if uploaded to youtube and then i can snag the code and build right into the page

Bill O'Connor said...

Tony is going to try to convert the Wednesday practice session videos and will upload them on to the advanced site and I'm working on my book on Celtic holistic healing. I'll upload that also. Bill

Bill O'Connor said...

Before I forget, I was showing Sam on Sunday the way we disarm knives and swords. Hoefully, I'll get Yuni to tape it for video on Wednesday. The way we do it is this: It's call The Carry. Let's say the opponent thrusts at your heart with his blade. You swivel your waist so that your arm cradles his sword or knife arm from underneath; then you strike his ribs with your elbow and slap your other hand's palm on the inside of his wrist and draw his weapon from his grasp with the slapping palm. OK. Say your enemy is thrusting with his right arm at your heart with his sword and you are facing him with your left foot forward. As he thrusts, you turn your waist to the right so that your body avoids his thrust and your left arm follows his forward thrust by wrapping underneath his thrusting arm so that his right arm becomes cradled from underneath in the crook of your left hand's elbow. You now strike his right ribs with your left elbow and then, after the elbow strike, still holding his arm as if you were carrying it, press upward behind his elbow joint with your left forearm and slap the inside of his wrist with the palm of your right hand. This will dislocate both his right shoulder and right elbow. Then, using your right palm, slide his sword down and away from his grip. Note that you do not deflect the sword; you simply swivel your waist and carry his arm in this particular disarm.

Bill O'Connor said...

Lou and I are working on a Taiji book covering Ren's two forms with the intent of explaining the qigong aspect of jing: Energy Creation. If anyone has any suggestions as to what they wish to see covered in the book, please let us know. Thanks. Bill

Bill O'Connor said...

Whiskey Dreams by William O'Connor

Whiskey. Whiskey dreams. What we're about.

Been born. Abandoned. Shrunken, stinking stage. Been spending. Spending hours. On barren. Barren bar stools. Of life. Been given. Given no. Plots. No. Props. Not even. Even. Hidden script. Not even. Even. Some small hint. To tell. Tell us. What we're suppose to be. About.

Just some. Whiskey. Whiskey dreams.

Don't be seeing no. No purpose. What ever. Soever. Being. Been given. No prompt to. To force. Force us off. Be done. Done with it. Waiting. We're waiting. Waiting for some sense. Sense to arrive. Of it. Still sitting. Sitting here. Waiting. For our turn. Turns to begin. Talking.

Talking whiskey. Talking those whiskey dreams.

Looks like. Like no cue. No cure. Never going to come. Probably still. Still be sitting here. Tomorrow too. Nothing. Nothing ain't even. Hinted. Hint at what. What we ought. To do. Lots of lies. Lots of. Books been written. Without. Without a clue.

All full. Full of whiskey. Whiskey dreams.

Wonder if. Wonder there's some. Some music still. Being written about. About this lack. Lack of theme. There's got to. Got to be. Some directions. Some wheres. Something maybe. Maybe that gives some kind. Kind of lead.

About them whiskey. Them whiskey dreams.

Have this feeling. Feeling that. Curtains never ain't going to lift. We're not going to. To get. Any entrance. Entrance out of it. Entrance in some scene. We're not been welcomed. Wanted in this play. Of ours. We've been hired here. Just extras. To fill in for. All the rest.

We're paid in whiskey. Whiskey dreams.

So what's the sense in staying. Staying here. At all? Where nothing changes. No one cares. No one comes at all? Ain't no conclusion can ever come. To any part of it. And if it's only a small part. That we'll be ending up in. A plot. Is all.

And all we'll ever be. Is whiskey. Whiskey dreams.

William O'Connor (c) 2007